How a Woman is Making Business with Cryptocurrency and is now Set to Launch her Own?

This is one of the interesting stories behind the success of Elizabeth White with the help of a digital wealth of digital currency holders for luxurious items such as yachts, designer fashion, and Lamborghinis. The woman is clearly taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of the holders in using them for real-world assets. The success enjoyed by her has also allowed White to come out with plans of introducing her own virtual currency known as “White Standard.”

Leveraging Connections

Though there is abundant affluence in the crypto community, they are not involved in transforming their digital wealth. That is primarily due to a number of reasons such as fluctuating values, low daily exchange limits and punishing transactional fees. These things make them trade in cryptocurrencies as a difficult thing. This enabled White to use her connections with luxury car dealerships and hedge funds so that holders of digital coins could get access to Italian supercar. She believes that there is tremendous new wealth within the community of digital currencies. She told Business Insider that “cars seem to be a big seller because it establishes you as a cryptocurrency holder.”

She has expressed her confidence that she could arrange a luxury car dealer in return for cryptocurrencies within a few days. She uses message app, Telegram, to engage in initial exchanges. Elizabeth White that she was able to arrange a big sale from a seller based in California and a Buyer from China for a $4 million car. She indicated that the negotiation was not only quick, i.e., less than a week, but the settlement also happened in about half an hour.

White indicated that she could also use a mix of currencies like fiat and crypto due to hedge fund liquidity. She works for Apis Capital Management and has her own firm known as “the White Company” that could manage fast-paced deals. She took the credit for converting someone’s holding of cryptocurrencies very quickly. She said, “I can take these large amounts of money and purchase the items for my client, and then re-ingest their cryptocurrencies back into the fund.”

White has managed transactions that ranged from engagement rings to honeymoons to luxury fashion items to yachts and super bowl sites. She believes that it is a key factor in validating digital currency functioning with the capacity to transform into real-world goods. She thinks that holders of digital coins should have the capacity to acquire something in the real world.

Launching Of Digital Coin

White has earned experience in making use of virtual assets for tangible goods and forced her to think differently. She is planning to launch her own digital coin, “the White Standard.” She thinks that it could be used to manage most of the online transactions on someday if not immediately.

White Standard is termed as a ‘stable coin,’ unlike bitcoin. The objective of the token is to serve as a digital commerce means. White indicated that every asset built on blockchain application would have the backing of the American Greenback. Therefore, it would ensure the real-world value.

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